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Roads and Maritime Services have started work to fix the clogged drains along Syd Einfeld Drive that have been causing flooding in recent wet weather and causing traffic congestion.


The work followed a squabble between Woollahra and Waverley councils where neither council wanted to take responsibility for the repair work.


The problem was severe enough that the major arterial road flooded after just 25 mm of rain.


Waverley and Woollahra councils have agreed to jointly maintain trees hanging low over the road and the RMS expects the repair work will be completed by the end of April.


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Woollahra Council will be introducing mandatory parking permits for boats and trailers parked long-term on streets in an effort to reduce congestion.


Boats and trailers parked for 28 days without a residential parking permit will be issued a warning and impounded 15 days later if not moved.


Vaucluse MLA Gabrielle Upton said these laws are intended to stop people parking their vehicles in streets near harbourside entrances.


To rescue their vehicle from impoundment, owners would have to pay $88 plus a fee depending on how long the vehicle had been kept impounded.



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