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Jeannette Gevers

Bondi gym owner, Jeannette Gevers, has became World Champion Powerlifter in her division - for the eighth time.

She has just returned from Denver, Colorado, where she competed in the World Masters Two World Powerlifting Championship.

A petite 61 kilos,Jeannette lifted the winning weight of 157.5 kilos to win the championship, competing for the first time in the over 50s  division.

Jeannette preparing to lift

A very youthful-looking 53, Jeannette met The Bondi Daily in one of the two Bondi gyms she owns and runs with her partner Jim O'Donovan (the Bondi Beach Fitness and Rehab and the Bondi Beach Bodies Fitness).

She began powerlifting when she emigrated from Amsterdam, Hollad, at the age of 26.

"I was World Champion seven times in a row.  Then I took two years off before competing again this year. It's a particularly good activity for women over 50," she says. "The competition in the over 50s Division was fierce.  I found myself competing with top lifters from all over the world - th USA, New Zealand, Taiwan,  Canada, Russia, China, name it."

Powerlifting, Jeannette explained, differs from weightlifting. Weightlifters lift the weight straight up from the floor to above their heads, whereas powerlifters lift weights in three different ways: there's the Squat, the Bench Press, and the Shoulder lift.

Jeanette says the great thing about powerlifting is that you can do it by yourself because the main thing is you're competing against yourself. "It's about bettering yourself and you always try to do better each time," she says.

Powerlifting is very good for the figure, as Jeannette's svelte shape attests.  She eats a high protein diet and mixes us up her special "power juice drink" each day consisting of kale, celery, ginger and other energy ingredients.

Jeanete plans to enter the World Championships again next year and she has a very good chance of winning yet again.

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