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For men of a certain age, haunted by the fear of prostate cancer - and what that might imply for their love life - a potential knight in shining armour has hove into view in the shape of Eastern Suburbs celebrity surgeon Phillip Stricker (St Vincent’s Clinic, and urologist to the stars).

The SMH reveals that Stricker has a new prostate surgery technique that uses a burst of high-powered electricity to “zap” malignant prostate cells, leaving intact (and still in, er, working order) surrounding vital tissue.

He calls the technique the “nanoknife”, and it delivers a burst of electricity “more powerful than a bolt of lightning”, destroying cancerous prostate cells.

Only 15-20% of prostate patients are suitable for the zapping, but, says Stricker, in 76% of cases he has treated with the technique, the cancer had not returned for more than eight months.

Moreover, none of his patients had developed incontinence or impotence – the possible side-effects of traditional prostate surgery - the SMH reported.

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