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As the Daily Telegraph reported recently, there has been a serious outbreak of tree-standing on Sydney’s Northern Beaches …and the question everyone is asking is: “When will the tree-man come to Bondi?”

The tree-man (who has yet to reveal his identity) was spotted – and photographed – atop a Norfolk Pine at Avalon Beach a week ago performing a handstand on the topmost branch (while holding on to the trunk with one hand).

Bondi has a fine collection of Norfolk Pines – some dating back to the 1930s – and should be attractive to Avalon’s tree-man (and The Bondi Daily is sure he would find an appreciative audience at Bondi).

According to the Telegraph report, he is not the only tree-man in the district, the paper’s local stable-mate, the Manly Daily reporting another – but different -- tree-scaler up a Norfolk Pine last year.

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