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The Bondi Daily recently ran a story about the Tree Man of Avalon – an anonymous gentleman who likes climbing Norfolk Island Pines along the Northern Beaches and doing a hand-stand on top of them.

We invited him to come down to Bondi and try standing atop one of Bondi Beach’s iconic Norfolk Island Pines.

A reader has now sent in a photo of a man doing a hand-stand on one of Bondi Beach’s surf-flags, to show what Avalon can do, Bondi can do better.

Or rather, could do, as a picture taken in 1940 by famous Bondi photographer George Caddy shows.

The man on top of the pole was Max Stewart, a fitness-freak who performed some amazing feats of strength and balancing in the late 1930s and 1940s (before the beach was closed because of Japanese submarines offshore).

He once did a hand-stand on the edge of Niagara Falls. (In 2008 the State Library had an exhibition of Caddy’s photos, including the one above.)

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