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Possibly the worst crime ever committed in Bondi – the kidnap and murder of local schoolboy Graeme Thorne – is the subject of a new book, just published.

Written by former Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi, it tells the story of how Stephen Bradley snatched the 8-year-old from outside his home in Edward Street, Bondi, in 1960. Bradley demanded £25,000 ransom from Thorne’s parents, who had recently won £100,000 in the State lottery, or he would “feed the boy to the sharks”.

The ransom was not paid, and Thorne’s body was later found in Seaforth. Bradley was convicted of the boy’s murder, and died in prison.

Tedeschi (who was the same age as Thorne, and kept a photo of the boy in his room) has been haunted by the case, as he tells in his book – Kidnapped, The Crime That Shocked the Nation.

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