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One of Sydney’s traditional New Year events – watching the sun rise over the horizon at Bondi Beach, heralding the dawn of the first day of 2016 – was marked by hundreds of pre-dawn beachgoers in customary fashion on Bondi’s iconic sands on Friday, January 1.

Not a few still little hung-over from the night’s revels, they all stood and watched (and snapped Iphone images ) as the orange disc of the new sun edged its way up into a clear, cool, blue sky.

For many, this was the moment to also take their first “dip” of the new year, and there were audible squeals as younger female revellers were encouraged to try the water.

Bondi’s iconic lifeguards were on hand, however, to see that they did not get out of their depth, as most of the early beachgoers began to make their way towards their cars and public transport in preparation for further new-year jollifications later in the day.

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