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Bondi has been drenched with more rain in the past four days than it usually gets in a month, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Falls of up to 100mm have been recorded in the Eastern Suburbs since the downpour started on Sunday.

More rain is forecast, with a “blocking” low in the Tasman continuing to blow stormy southerlies on to the NSW coast.

"For the suburbs in Sydney, it's the heaviest rain they've had since April last year. That’s pretty unusual for January," a senior meteorologist told the SMH.

The rain is expected to ease later today, with only drizzle tomorrow. But temperatures will stay in the mid-20s until next week.

Birds of a feather flock together in wet weather.  
An Australian in London, taking a nostalgic
look at Bondi Beach
 via our webcam,
took this shot
of the local
cockies in the rain


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