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Bondi’s most famous resident, James Packer, got unwelcome headlines when he was barred from going into his own casino in Victoria due to a misunderstanding by a security guard.

Apparently he was entering his Crown Casino in Melbourne when a security person (of “islander” extraction, according to newspaper reports) stopped him, and “an altercation” ensued. (The matter is now in the hands of lawyers.)

James lives – on-and-off – in his luxury pad in Campbell Parade, though he has been spending a lot of his time in Israel lately (when he is not on the arm of American pop-star Mariah Cary).

James is not unknown for altercations outside his premises, for he and his long-time friend David Gyngell had a well-publicised (and photographed) scuffle in Sir Thomas Mitchell Road outside his Bondi front-door some time ago.

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