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Doctors in Bondi say there is no danger to schoolchildren in the Waverley area from a reported outbreak of measles in western Sydney.

“We have seen no sign of this contagious affliction in our area,” a Bondi GP told The Bondi Daily. “In fact, we haven’t seen a case in years.”

Parental concern was raised after a local Hills District resident, who recently returned from Singapore, presented with measles symptoms (an outbreak of red spots on his face).

“Measles is a mild childhood complaint – but some types of measles can be very dangerous for pregnant women,” the GP said. “Children at school are particularly vulnerable, and should be vaccinated against it.”

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According to Blackmores – the vitamin and alternative medicine people – Bondi is a pill-poppers paradise, and the vitamin capital of Sydney.

The company has opened its first retail outlet in Westfield Bondi Junction, a venue chosen because its research shows that the Bondi postcodes have the archetypal Blackmores’ customer.

A recent report in the Daily Telegraph quoted the company’s CEO Christine Holgate saying that their new store would be staffed by qualified naturopaths who would provide expert health and wellbeing advice for their clientele (over 70% of whom are women, mostly aged in their late 30s).

“It’s a fantastic way to learn directly from your customers,” she said.

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Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – including Bondi and Waverley – has an unusually high rate of colonoscopies (bowel-cancer examinations), more than double the national average.

This is part of an “atlas” of the nation’s health put out by a Federal body monitoring safety and quality in medicine across Australia, reported in the SMH..

It said that patients living in the Eastern Suburbs had 30 times as many colonoscopies than in some other areas of Sydney, adding that the procedure “is believe to be” overused.

But Bondi wasn’t as bad as Mosman where tonsils are concerned. People in that up-market part of Sydney were six times more likely to have their tonsils out, while women in Lake Macquarie were five times more likely to have hysterectomies.

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