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End of Lease Cleaning Services – Pitfalls to Avoid

End of lease cleaning is an industry within the remotest areas of Australia. This service is provided by some of the leading companies in the country and is a growing market as real estate prices continue to rise in all cities around the world. “We provide premium bond cleaning in Melbourne and surrounding areas at the most competitive prices and a ‘Bend in Place’ bond guarantee (uses our exact same bond wording but applies only during the term). Our company has a strong track record of delivering successful end lease cleanings that have also been accepted by the leading real estate agents.”

End of lease cleaning is one of the best ways for property owners and managers to ensure that they do not lose out on rental income whilst cleaning their rental units and keeping the peace and quiet in the process. However, as with all cleaning services, there are a range of different options available, and the end of lease cleaning contract can be a fairly tricky one if done incorrectly, so it is always important to get expert advice before taking up this service. Many companies offer different cleaning packages, and it is important to find one that matches your needs exactly to ensure you get the best cleaning. Most of the packages offered are designed to help you clean your property over a set period of time, such as a one month minimum or a three month minimum.

The package offered may also include a pre-arranged cleaning service at any given time, or alternatively you can choose to arrange your own cleaning schedule. A good end of lease cleaning company will always inform you of their prices and what they offer for your cleaning requirements. You should always ask how they intend on dealing with any problems that you have, such as damage to carpets or furniture, as this is an important part of any cleaning contract. If the cleaning company you are working with offers you added extras such as sweeping your floor or window glass then these should always be factored in when discussing your contract.

There are some people who have found themselves unwittingly paying for more work than was necessary by signing up to an end lease cleaning services contract. This is down to the nature of the services they offer, where you can sometimes find a cleaning company who will overbook themselves. This can happen if they have not planned for a peak period, which could leave you with a backlog of work, and can then force you into a late deal or even a late payment penalty. Other times, this can be down to them charging a premium for the hours they spend cleaning your property, rather than charging a flat rate based on the completed work. Ultimately, you should always check that you are being charged for the actual time and work you have been provided with.

The other pitfall to avoid when hiring end lease cleaning services is signing up to a cleaning package. Whilst a cleaning package will give you a fair idea of what you are likely to get for your money it is not a guaranteed service. It is important to shop around and make sure that you are only signing on with a company that has the ability to provide you with quality cleaning. A cheap price is not always the answer and if you find a better priced company then that should be the one you go with.

The bottom line is that if you need end lease cleaning done, you should always make sure that you are doing your research. Check the internet and talk to friends, colleagues and family about whether they would recommend a particular company. If they do, then that is certainly the company to go with. However, always remember that no two clients are the same so if you are not completely sure, don’t commit yourself. Do your homework, get price quotes and ensure that you are getting the best value for money.

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