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Why cleaning and maintenance is required??

Cleaning and maintenance is required in day to day life. It is an essential task at homes, offices and industries. It is necessary to keep equipment and buildings safe and to provide a nice ambiance to the employees and visitors. Every organization and industries have separate department of cleaning and maintenance. They invest a lot in cleaning and maintenance. Floor cleaning is one of the important aspects in cleaning. Main reasons for cleaning floor are to remove stains, litter, dirt and obstructions. It is also used to remove allergens, in particular dust and to make the environment sanitary. Different types of techniques are used for cleaning the different types of floors. As we know that the living standard is also increasing day by day, so they are used to different types of floors to make house even more attractive. Wood flooring and tile and stone floors are some types of flooring. There are also lots of floor cleaning machines available in the market. Floor buffers and automatic floor scrubbers are few examples. There are a few tips on cleaning for controlling infection:-

  1. Don’t mix and match.  Mixing of two different products seems like a good idea. It was done to maximize the best possible results in terms of cleaning; sometimes it can actually be dangerous.
  2. Product selection. Sometimes professionals from cleaning department aren’t sure about to use a particular or different product based on reviews or what they may have read/gather knowledge about it via online or by any other consumer. Staff shouldn’t decide the product what to use or what not just based on their own preconceived notions. Train officials on the product we want them to use. And make sure they know why you are so eager to choose this particular product.
  3. Follow product instructions.  Selection is necessary but using it properly can help to extend the life of surfaces. Read the instructions properly before using it.
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Cleaning should be of high quality. Higher quality may not be cost effective but we have to consider it for health, human health and environmental issues. We have to find the optimal solution for customer and that gives good value to the customer. For high level of cleaning, workers should be properly trained with Time sensitivity, proper equipment, Proficiency and motivation. Generally we inspect about the quality of products but due to unskilled workers we are not able to get that high quality cleaning. Improvement is one of the important factors behind learning which always help in improving the quality of cleaning or creating ideas of cleaning. Standardization plays one of the important roles in sustainability and operation movement. High performance cleaning system varies people to people. It carries different meaning to different people, but end the product should be optimal and good.

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